I have enjoyed serving as your legislator for the past 4 years.

My legislative accomplishments so far include:

Battling the Opioid Epidemic

·      Passed legislation to reduce the number of people becoming newly addicted to narcotics

·      Reformed high risk opioid prescribing by doctors


Making Medicaid Work Better

·      Passed legislation reducing state cost to buy medications (currently saving over $4 Million/year)

·      Reduced barriers in Medicaid for opioid treatment


Reducing Government Regulation

·      Decreased number of unneeded medical forms for driver’s licenses


Reducing the Number of Abortions in Utah

·      Passed legislation expected to reduce the number of abortions in Utah by 20% by making it easier for poor women to access health care


I was first elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2014, and I have loved my time there so far.  I work hard to represent Bountiful's priorities to our state government.  Sometimes it seems like all the news (which can be quite discouraging at times) is about national politics that happens so far away from us, but there really are a lot of important issues that are decided here in our state and in our communities.  I hope that you will be in touch with me to let me know how you think things ought to be done.


The most important thing that our state government is responsible for is our public education system.  Having a great public education system is a high priority for me.  Every year the legislature passes a large number of education bills, and many of these seem to make things more difficult for our teachers, rather than making things easier.  It is a priority for me to work with students, parents, teachers, and school administration to make our schools better.  If you have a complaint or input, I hope you will let me know.


Utah has been blessed with a robust economy over the last couple of years.  We have many different businesses that want to come to Utah, and for the last couple of years, our un-employment rate has been nice and low.   It is a priority for me to keep Utah as a business friendly state by keeping our tax rate low, and maintaining a well educated work force, so that employers can find employees here with the expertise they need.


I am a physician in private practice in Bountiful.  I see on an every-day basis the difficulty that people have in affording insurance coverage and then in getting the medical services they need even after they have the insurance coverage.  I was (and still am) a supporter of expanding coverage so that we have a plan to get basic health care services to everyone in our state.  Most of the bills that I run (no surprise) relate to improving health care.  My top priority has been fighting back against the opioid epidemic, by moving toward safer narcotic prescribing rules.


Along the Wasatch Front, we face the unpleasant reality of inversions during the winter that create unhealthy levels of pollution.  This is a combination of the temperature, our unique geography, and the pollution we create.  I can see the effects on people's health in my clinic if we have a stretch of bad air, and I believe it is important to do things to make our air better.  Although there are many different things that we (both as individuals and as a community) can do to improve the air quality, my top priority would be to get our local refineries to move to production of Tier III gasoline.  I hope that incentives from the state combined with public awareness and pressure can help us achieve that goal.