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Battling the Opioid Epidemic

*     Passed legislation to reduce the number of people becoming newly addicted to narcotics.

*     Reformed high-risk opioid prescribing by doctors.


Making Medicaid Work Better

*     Passed legislation reducing state cost to buy medications (saving over $4 Million/year).

*     Reformed Medicaid prescriptions from 30 days to 90 days -- saving the state money and improving service.

*     Reformed Medicaid policies for treating addiction to bring them in line with best practice.

Funding Road Maintenance

*     Reached successful compromise so that Electric Vehicles will pay a fair amount -- similar to the gas tax -- towards road maintenance.


Reducing Red Tape at State Office of Debt Collection

*     Previously those who owed money were not able to see what they owed, what the interest rate was, or even where previous payments had been applied. This legislation corrects that. The legislation also makes it possible to settle debts.

Preserving Disability Services

*     Successfully secured funding for front-line workers who provide disability services, bringing their wages up to equal with entry-level jobs in the private market.  These workers care for severely disabled individuals who cannot care for basic human needs without help.   

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