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My voting record is a mainline conservative Republican voting record.  In 2021, Americans For Prosperity (graph to the right) gave me an "A" grade on their scorecard of bills that promote individual opportunity and cut down regulatory red tape.  You can click on the graph to link to their full score card.

Voting record on conservative issues of all Utah legislators for 2021 session according to

Libertas is another Utah-based group whose mission is to "defend personal freedom, property rights, free markets, justice and due process, and limited and open government."
In each of the past three years, I have scored in the upper half of the Utah Legislature on their scorecard of bills that adhere to these principles.



Americans for Prosperity
   2021 Champion of Economic Freedom

Libertas Institute
   2020 Defender of Liberty Award

Davis Technical College
   2020 Community Advocate Award

Utah College of OB/GYNs
   2018 Legislative Champion

AARP of Utah
   2017 Capitol Caregiver Award

Epilepsy Association of Utah
   2016 Purple Star Advocate Award

Utah Homecare & Hospice Association
   2020 Homecare and Hospice Hero

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
   2022 Business Champion
   2021 Business Champion
   2020 Business Champion
2019 Business Champion
Business Champion   
Business Champion   
Business Champion   
   2015 Business Champion

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