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Kendalyn Harris, Bountiful City Mayor

Kelly V. Sparks, Davis County Sheriff 

Beth Holbrook, Bountiful City Council member & President of Utah League of Cities and Towns

Todd Weiler, Senate District 8

Kate Bradshaw, Bountiful City Council

Sheryl Allen, Former Bountiful legislator

David (Former Bountiful Legislator) and Linda Irvine

Janice and Dick Siddoway, Former Bountiful legislator

Stanford S. Smith, Bountiful attorney and Former legislator

Bret Millburn, (Former Davis County Commissioner)

John (Davis School Board Member) and Joan Robison

Elizabeth (Davis School Board Member) and Russell Mumford

Jim (Former Davis School Board member) and Linda Clark

Barbara (Former Davis School Board Member) and Scott Smith

Mike and Jenni Hamblin

Steve and Cecilee Price-Huish, Bountiful City Council

Julia and James Ahlstrom, West Bountiful City Council 

John Pitt, Former Bountiful City Council member & Past President/CEO of Davis County Chamber of Commerce

Carol Jean Coombs

Chris and Julie Doherty

Jeneale and Joe Barnes

Tom Tolman, Former Bountiful City Council member

Val and Emilee Oveson, Former Utah Lieutenant Governor

Dan and Brooke Liljenquist, Former Utah State Senator

Julie Adolphson

Kathleen Anderson

Dr. Christian and Millie Bahr

Beth Beck

Gary Birdsall

Dee and Barbara Burningham

Wayne and Claudine Cable

Judy Callister

Matt and Beth Child

Ruth Cole

Linda Cook

Max Driggs

Randy and Lisa Farrell

Ed Fila

Dennis and Sherrie Gardner

John and Jean Giles

David and Eden Gillespie

Rick and JoAnn Hanson

Paul and Karen Henderson

Jim Jardine

Scott LeFevre

Ralph and Sylvia Mabey

Ed and Meg Mayer

Mac and Regene McGregor

Loren Mercer

Joe Mott

Liz and Mike Nafus

Robert and Rachel Nicholas

Dale Olson

Nyla and David Pilkington

Jed and MerLynn Pitcher

Edmund Richardson

David and Tiffany Smith

Brian and Jennifer Somers

Zig Sondelski

Keith Swenson

Con Thueson

Rick Walsh

Mark Ward

Steve Wilson

Kenwyn and Mike Woodruff
Tyler Yeates

Ron Young

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