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Kendalyn Harris
Bountiful City Mayor

"I support Ray Ward because he listens to people and tries to build consensus. He stays in touch with our city leadership so he knows what is important to us and can represent our priorities and values at the Capitol. Ray and his wife, Beverly, have a long history of giving service to make our community better."

Kelly Sparks
Davis County Sheriff

"Every year, issues important to public safety come before our State Legislature. Representative Raymond Ward has often reached out to me as Sheriff to ensure he understands how legislation may impact public safety. I appreciate his willingness to listen and consider many points of view and I am grateful for his informed, reasoned, and rational decisions. Please join me in supporting Ray for Utah State House of Representatives." 

Gary Herbert
Former Utah Governor

"Ray Ward is frequently leading out on many of the most pressing issues facing Utah, including affordable housing, healthcare reform, and air quality. He is principled and pragmatic, always putting his constituents first. He has an important voice in the Republican Party and I urge you to support his re-election."



Kate Bradshaw, Bountiful City Council

Steve & Cecilee Price-Huish, Bountiful City Council

Julia & James Ahlstrom, West Bountiful City Council 

Todd Weiler, Utah State Senator, District 8

John & Joan Robison, Davis School Board member

Elizabeth & Russell Mumford, Davis School Board member



Joe Johnson, Bountiful Mayor

James & Kathy Behunin, West Bountiful Mayor

Sheryl Allen, Bountiful Legislator

David & Linda Irvine, Bountiful Legislator 

Dick & Janice Siddoway, Bountiful Legislator

Dan & Brooke Liljenquist, Utah State Senator 

Val & Emilee Oveson, Utah Lieutenant Governor

Jim & Linda Clark, Davis School Board member

Barbara & Scott Smith, Davis School Board member
John Pitt, Bountiful City Council member



Mark Allred

Kathleen Anderson

Shelli Archer

Julie Arnold

Kara Arnold Applegate

Jodi Averett

Kathleen Bailey

Terry & Sherry Bailey

Carla Barlow

Jeremy & Lisa Barlow

Joe & Jeneale Barnes

Beth Beck

Alan & Sherri Birdsall

Cathryn Boyd

Matt & Laura Brady

Matt & Shauna Brady

Don & Lynn Bright

Adrienne & Mike Buckley

Dee & Barbara Burningham
Wayne & Claudine Cable

Matt & Beth Child

Linda Cook

Carol Jean Coombs

Charles & Chris Deneris

Jamie & Annette Dester

Susan Devey

Chris & Julie Doherty

Nancy & David Donaldson, MD

Heather Dopp

Terry & Colleen Eggett

Peter Erickson

Scott Ericson

Chera Fernelius

Ed Fila

Laura Garner-Jones

David & Eden Gillespie

Bill & Tammy Gould

Jared & Natalie Haddock

Mark & Jenni Hamblin

Rick & JoAnn Hanson

Karen Henderson

Stick & Melba Hill

Nels Holmgren

Ken Isaac

Alex & Abbie Isaac-Merrill

Camille Johnson

Stacey & Doug Kasteler, MD

Kent & Grace Larsen

Nate & Laurie Leishman
Jim Malmgren

John & Sara Margetts

Michael & Maria Moody

Alan & Robyn Mortensen

Jennifer Mortenson

Joe & Ellen Mott

Liz & Mike Nafus

Gary Nelson

David & Janet Norman

Jef & Carla Olsen, MD

Terry & Robyn Orchard

Lowell & Laurie Oswald

Judy Ou

Claudia & Dennis Peterson, MD

Jamison & Kristina Pexton

David & Nyla Pilkington

Jed & Merlynn Pitcher

Randy & Susan Ricks

Chuck & Tina Schwab

David & Tiffany Smith

Jennifer Somers

Michael & Susan Stapley

Patrick & Laurel Tanner

Darlene Thayne

Earl & Joyce Thomas

Eliza Thompson

Con Thueson

Danny & Joy Turnblom

Cyd VanDyke

Rick Walsh

Mark Ward

Ray & Isabel Ward
Denise Willmore

Bob & Pam Wing

Kenwyn Derby & Mike Woodruff, MD

Don & Julie Woodward

Seth Wright

Tyler Yeates, MD

Ron Young

Andrew & Laura Zaugg

Utah Parents for Teachers

Utah Public Employees Association

Davis Education Association

Professional Firefighters of Utah

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